Author Topic: Share your opinions, thoughts on team composition, players, game plans etc.  (Read 1730 times)


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This topic is created for free and open discussion on team performance, to share your opinion, who must be the playing XI and what not...

To begin with,  I don't blame Indian bowlers at all for conceding 8.5 runs an over, but I feel Raina does not deserve a place in the playing XI. It is time to bring in Surya Kumar Yadav or Deepak Hooda. What are your opinions?


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I think there is no place for Dhoni,  shikhar dhawan,  mohit sharma and kumar..  Now it's time for Rahane to open and yuvraj to come back.. With umesh and aron at least they can bowl with pace


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couple of young guns waiting outside to come in this wct20 will be end of politics and we would be seeing good new faces .
Raina , jadeja , aksar , binny = one name to replace 4 burdens Yuvraj Singh  8)
Coming on Dhoni Bookies bunny not that capabilities had gone its just lust of more and more and more money dhoni onto bat and final score if it seems yes it turns to no and if it seems no it turns yes that msd .


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I kinda dont agree on everyone blaming the captain for the loss, I beg to differ that its a team game and in spite of Captains plans etc. every unit needs to execute when given the responsibility, team selectors are equally to be blamed.

India's ODI for me:

Replace Dhawan with Uthappa
Replace Kohli with Yuvi
Replace Axar with Ojha
Add another all-rounder like Binny
Throw out Bhuvi and Mohit and bring in Nehra and Ishant

Experiment further with Hardik Pandiya and Suchith

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Replace Dhoni and everything may be well for Indian team......