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Birth chart reformation.
« on: March 09, 2016, 08:07:11 AM »
I heared that some krishnamurthi padhati astrolger are claiming that they can reform the birth chart bringing good events closer and removing the bad effects of planet from our chart and life. They can generate the birthtime for us if we dont know. Is it true?


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Re: Birth chart reformation.
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2016, 01:15:34 PM »

Are u asking whether a KP Astrologer can change ur Karma (wiping off Bad Happenings and give only Positives) in ur Chart by changing ur Birth Time?

If ur Answer to this Question is "Yes", then the Answer is "No"!

First of all, there's nothing called "Birth Time Reformation".. It's known as "Birth Time Rectification", shortly known as "BTR".. In this, KP Astrologers are not trying to change your Karma.. Instead we are just trying to find out the correct Birth Time of the Clients..

In Traditional Astrology, Astrologers used to give Predictions based on 'Houses', which has a bandwidth of 30 Degrees.. So a Lagna will stay in a House for around 2 Hrs approx.. KP Astrology is a Stellar Astrology, means Stars-Based Astrology.. We also give more importance to the Subs.. A Lagna will change a Sub from 3 mins 24 secs to 9 mins, 28 secs.. If we go to SubSub level, Lagna will be in a SubSub from 12 secs to 1 min, 35 secs..

So in Traditional Astrology, the Approx. Time itself is enough for them.. But in KP Astrology, we need more Accurate Time for giving correct Predictions.. Hence we do "Birth Time Rectification" for the Clients before proceeding with the Predictions..

Hope this would've solved ur Doubt.. Keep contributing to this Site..

All the very Best! May God bless U!!