Author Topic: What Happens when Sun Gets afflicted in your horoscope  (Read 2867 times)


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What Happens when Sun Gets afflicted in your horoscope
« on: May 05, 2016, 07:04:25 PM »
One may be travelling too much, with very very little gains
One bones may be get weak soon.
One’s Mother may not draw respect in society.
It represents father of the native, who may be sickly or unfriendly with the native.
He may draw wrath of the Government.
Timber/wood business may not suit him.
He may not be able to accomplish Government works smoothly.
Getting a Government job may be a problem and if one gets it, sustaining it shall be a bigger problem.
Sun rules the Stomach area, which may be problematic.
The native may live with an ego which may yield negative results.
Dealing with western world may not be that profitable or to say, business to the west of his place of residence may not yield good results .
The eyes may be a point od concern.
The old age of the native is not going to be good, he may suffer.
Once in life time gold ornaments will get stolen.
The head region of the native may be weaker than the other body parts.
His anger may not be short lived.
These native tend to get weaker by the night.
Dealing with enemies always a problem for these natives.
Could be wandering over the mountains with very little gains.
The public activity may also be problematic.