Author Topic: am so tired in life - any bright hope from future or rest of the life  (Read 1236 times)


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Learned Members,
kindly reply my two questions, as at the age of 45/46 i achieved nothing...i am so tired.

i lost a good job in Feb'16, was suffered till June'16 and got a small one in june'16 with small salary..
in Feb'17 i got a job work (Export Audit work) its some how good. due to that I can able to provide minimum things to my family. Now i would like to know that
is there any some better periods in life profession wise and financially? if when?
it might be hypothetical, can i lead my old age some respectful?
i mean i do not have hopes on any one including my children, don't become burden to any one,
i am not govt employee to get pension.
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Sincere Thanks,