Author Topic: overage,overqualified,jobless,am i heading towards destruction?  (Read 1467 times)


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dob 27 12 1970 11:15 am new delhi- AQ. LAGNA VRISCHIKA RASHI

ever since 2013 june when i resigned from my pvt banker well paying job, it has been a downward spiral. for 2 years i dodnot have a job, tried opening shop but that business(ladies cutlery and clothes articles) failed wound up in 2015 may , got a contract job half the salary  in MNC(jupiter in leo transit?) quit this may due to arguement with manager(mars in 10 transit?) and again now sitting at home.

had to beg to my freinds for help in paying deposit  and rent for my rent flat this june.. i am deeply in debt and now recovery agents have started to chase me, my questions are

1) when will i get a job
2) i so unfortunate that the flat which i purchased in 2013 i have no money to pay posession money to builder, and now i have to settle the debts by selling it. I am not getting responses also due to slump in real estate market
3) very soon creditors might initiate legal proceedings to recover money. any signs of jail as unkess i sell flat no money to pay them
4) if above happens no one will hire me due to legal cases.
5) it is so depressing that inspite of having work experience in top banks i am jobless due to overage. Is there no job for me as per my experience?
6) will i ever own a home in future as my credit report is damaged and no bank will give loans in future. I have such a strong 4th house still no own house?

I do understand that now sade sati is on peak and once saturn enters sagittarus there will be relief but will i survive till then ? aslo moon dasha malefic is going on and just entered ketu sub period , and all that.and looking at forthcoming transit of JUPITER IN 8TH from lagna it seems more dark period.

what lies ahead of me dear astrologers. please advise.


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Re: overage,overqualified,jobless,am i heading towards destruction?
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please reply anyone


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Re: overage,overqualified,jobless,am i heading towards destruction?
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Please be patient until a predictor finds spare time to read your horoscope and answer your questions.


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Re: overage,overqualified,jobless,am i heading towards destruction?
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kumbh lagna natives will have slow and very late or NO materialistic progress in their lives, as saturn which is lord of 1st house is also lord of 12th house and negates the native’s progress.
Currently running moon dasa will give unfavorable results and frequent health issues , financial troubles, insomnia, will trouble you constantly, you may get addicted to alcohol  to escape from problems.
After Nov 2016 try once for job will get with (average salary) possible….

Performing Mahalakshmi Homam or Rudra Homam every year can reduce few bad effects of this (moon dasa).


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Re: overage,overqualified,jobless,am i heading towards destruction?
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Hello Dheerpat,

Here are some observations on your horoscope:
1) Your lagna lord Saturn is in debilitation which indicates life with worries.
2) You mentioned that you have strong 4th house. Seems you are wrongly guided here. Jupiter is the 11 th house (paapa sthanam) lord and Moon is 6th house (house of debts) lord. They both are together and aspecting 4th house, the house of properties. So, you can understand the results of it which you are experiencing now.
3) the lord of 5th house Mercury is in 11th house and aspecting 5th house. So, you were successful in banking jobs.

From this January you will find some relief when Moon data Venus bhukthi starts.

The remedy for your problems is visiting Lord Siva temple in your area. Do abhishekam to him for at least 21 days continuously. The suggested timeline is 48 days (but minimum 21 days). Visit his temple everyday and pray for his blessings.

The second remedy is doing navagraha japa dana homa santhi pujas (to all nine planets).

Form you horoscope I can understand that you have basic astrological knowledge. But, still, follow my remedies without any underestimation.