Author Topic: Querents / Members MUST Read this before Posting!  (Read 10342 times)


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Querents / Members MUST Read this before Posting!
« on: April 04, 2016, 03:18:40 AM »
Dear Members,

Since the Horoscope Readings Section is related with your Fate, we can't take risks by allowing unknown Astrologers to give their Predictions. Also our Site's Reputation is at stake.

Format to Post Details: -
1. Name, (If you don't have any Objections)
2. Date of Birth,
3. Time of Birth, (with am/pm)
4. Place of Birth,
5. Questions;

Members are advised to ask a maximum of 2 Questions only.

It'll be nice if you can ask some Sensible and Specific Questions.
Don't keep coming and asking General Questions like "How will be my Life?", "Tell something about my Marriage", "Will I become Rich in Life?" These Type of Questions will not be answered.

Since everyone mentioned above are having other Professions as their main Profession and Astrology is a Service from their end, please don't keep asking for Predictions again and again. After posting your Query, wait with some patience. One among them will attend your Query.

It'll be appreciable if you acknowledge the Astrologer soon after getting your Readings and give Feedbacks for the same too.

Hope you'll understand this and cooperate with us!

Last, but not least.. Since you are getting something from this Site, it'll be nice if you Guys can help this Site to sustain by offering some Donations! This is the Least and Basic Gratitude, we are expecting from you People!!

Thanks! All the Best!! May God bless U!!!

Note: If you don't wanna furnish your Personal Details in the Public Forum and want the Predictions privately in Email, offer the Donation and write to us @ We'll Email you your Predictions privately.

Link to make Donation/Payment:


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Re: Querents / Members MUST Read this before Posting!
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2016, 03:14:49 PM »
Requesting All Members to read above set of points before posting your queries.

At the same time, please be understood that Astrologers do have professions/Job/Business etc. so it takes a little time to find free time for this social contribution.

If you are in hurry to get readings done quickly (2-3 working days) and IF you can afford to Donate/Spend money, please follow these links.