Author Topic: When will i get a job and can i earn good salary or have a good life ?  (Read 1311 times)

Rohit Rajjvansh

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Respected astrologers I have been facing a lot of problems in my life. I have left my college life , going through a bad phase ..I have been facing a lot of financial problems.  My family too has lost hope on me and they think I cannot do anything in my life.  I'm planning to pursue b.c.a this year . please help me will I ever get a good job and be successful in my life and live a happy life or my life is going to be worse day by day ?
Name :- Rohit Kumar Singh
D.o.b :- 13.01.1996
Time of birth :- 10:39am
Place of birth :- Jamshedpur jharkhand


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The chart based on the birth details provided shows, present period is very good for studies. As you mention its not good, so how accurate is your time of birth?

Rohit Rajjvansh

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Sir its almost accurate :) the problem I'm facing is bad luck and non supporting family..they think I will never earn . please help will I ever earn good money and be a successful person in life ?


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Re: When will i get a job and can i earn good salary or have a good life ?
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Find below your current dasa details:

RAH -18 Years
16/ 1/05
16/ 1/23
RAH 28/ 9/07
JUP 22/ 2/10
SAT 28/12/12
MER 16/ 7/15
KET 4/ 8/16
VEN 4/ 8/19
SUN 28/ 6/20
MON 28/12/21
MAR 16/ 1/23

You are currently going through Venus bhukthi till 4/8/2019. You will have to face these issues till that time. After that period, you can see success and happiness in life. The Jupiter dasa that starts after 16-1-2023 will be a wonderful period for you. You will enjoy a successful life for 16 years.

You have to do remedies for Rahu, Saturn and Venus. Do japa dana and homa santhi pujas for these three planets. Ask any local priest in your area to do it for you. It should cost you around 12-15K.

Also, do rudrabhishekam to Lord Siva on every Monday for 9 weeks at least. Lord Siva will bless you with peace and courage. Go to any Vishnu temple on every Thursday and pray for success in life.

You have a successful career and recognition in life. Try to understand your weaknesses and try to come over them. Your horoscope shows that you are lazy at doing things though you have talent. Come over your laziness first. Also, stop criticising people. See you own mistakes and try to correct them. Then, planets and Gods can help you.