Author Topic: Welcome, Thanks, Why these new forums? How will it operate?  (Read 8124 times)


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Welcome, Thanks, Why these new forums? How will it operate?
« on: April 05, 2015, 11:07:53 AM »
Welcome Friends,

Truly thankful for your presence on

Gaurang, Bluetooth, Arietus, Shailendra, Sirius, Aravind, Student, SSB, Raam, Predictor, and so many other friends who have come here on short notice and started to make this a happening place. We welcome all and wish many more will join us so that we all can work towards sharing our knowledge, wisdom, predictions and what not.

We would like to convey these two below important points as part of this post;

1) Why these new forums when we already have forums on which we are spending time since years and years?

This place is started with only best intentions but neither raised to bring down nor compete with other existing forums, and the predictors here are not considered competitors to respectful predictors on other forums.

There are forums where astrological discussions are not allowed for the purpose of learning, they are simply established for a certain set of predictors to make their posts. There are some forums where each and every person is allowed to post their prediction but no moderation of any sorts is seen beyond plain English reading. There are some forums where predictions are modified by the moderators by intention or mistake. There are forums where predictions are modified after the end of the events. There are forums where post event analysis is not allowed especially when predictions do not materialize.
There could be 1000+ reasons why above things take place on those forums, and we have no time or interest to understand those reasons, but we have a very simple answer to these problems. A new forums with intentions to offer and maintain a CLEAN, POLITICS-FREE, TRANSPARENT, ACCURATE, OPEN, DEMOCRATIC, DECENT discussions and predictions.

I request everybody to contribute to this cause.

2) This is our forums; please provide your valuable feedback on anything pertaining to this site, may it be look and feel, may it be content, may it be speed, may it be anything.

We are looking forward to a very long, peaceful and successful journey along with you friends.

Once again thanking you all.


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Re: Welcome, Thanks, Why these new forums? How will it operate?
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2015, 02:27:25 PM »

It's very nice to see such a good Welcome post from u.. Whatever u've promised me in ur Invitation mail has been mentioned in this Welcome post of urs.. The purpose of u, opening up this site is clearly defined here.. Hope u and this Forum remains the same till the end!

Many sites r opened up with good intentions.. But once, many people started coming and the traffic got increased, they r changing their motives and principles and becoming either a site for a particular 'Group of People' or  'No moderations' happening.. Either way, it's not / less useful for many people around..

It's good to see a polite & formal language from u.. In some other forums, the Admin's language is filled with full of arrogance and care-free attitude towards the Members.. Hope u'll remember that Members r the Life-force for any forums and treat them with due respect!

We all assure u to support this Forum to co-exist with other good forums! We have got whatever u said in our minds that this Forum is not a rival to any other existing Forums and is there to fill up only the gaps left by other Forums.. We'll be active in this Forum along with some other too!

Thank u once again for ur Welcome post, on behalf of all the present and future members of this Forum!

All the very Best! may God bless U and this Forum!!


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Re: Welcome, Thanks, Why these new forums? How will it operate?
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2015, 06:50:33 PM »
Dear All Members & Guests,

We request and also remind you, to maintain integrity and harmony of our forums. Maintaining privacy of data is the foremost priority for any member especially on astrological forums.

Any personal discussions, fights etc., outside of our forums is not our responsibility and also cannot be controlled by us.

Please understand and help us keep clean content on this site.