Author Topic: 2019 - BJP and AP regional parties  (Read 310 times)


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2019 - BJP and AP regional parties
« on: March 22, 2019, 04:04:41 PM »
Ongoing Chandra mahadasa and Mars Bukti giving good indications

End of Rahu mahadasa in Jun 2018 is a big minus. Ongoing Jupiter mahadasa and Jupiter bukti is definitely bad but not worst.
atleast 50% weaker when compared to previous elections.

Ongoing Mars mahadasa (same as previous elections) is good. Still they lost previous elections due to strength of TDP but not due to weakness of YSRcp.

Good chance this time around due to their strength as well as weakness of TDP.

Rahu mahadasa from Jun 2020 weakens them.

Cannot expect any miracles in ongoing Venus mahadasa as it is a mixed period for them (not bad not great).
There are some gains and positives in the form of tie ups.

Sun bukti from Jul 2021 is good period but Moon bukti from Jul 2022 is discouraging.