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Title: Expanding Self, Push the Borders
Post by: A.Mithiran on May 04, 2015, 10:49:17 PM
  We have just moved a week from another nature's fury and the relief efforts still on in Nepal. Whenever we encounter such an event, people and nations unite to go all-out in saving lives. Momentarily at least the differences among people (like language, religion, ethnicity etc.) are pushed to background. Amidst life saving missions carried by the relief teams, we also come across accusations of priority being given to persons who are related to those in power or relatives seeking their powerful connections to save their kin. Most of us may already have a take on the situation, whether it is appropriate or not?.

  Imagine you are driving on a highway and few meters ahead there had been an accident involving a car. You slowly pass by the accident site, are you going to stop your vehicle and check what has happened?. Now imagine, when you are slowly driving past the accident site, you see the license plate and instantly recognize it. The number in the license plate belongs to a close relative. So what will be your reaction now, same as first scenario or different?.

  Over the years many tests have been conducted on what really motivates and get people to help another. One such effort was done by biologist Richard Dawkins in the 1970s and resulted in a book called 'Selfish Gene'. This used to be popular (may be even now) and deals in depth on altruism. There have been a lot of opponents to his work as well. In summary, people are more likely to help when they perceive greater genetic similarity in those who need help and ensure passing on genes & its survival for future. There are interesting findings, check it for yourself.

  Definitely am not getting into the morality aspect but only what may be necessary to evolve spiritually. In effect there is this 'MY' factor - MY parents, MY children, MY religion, MY language, MY state, MY country and this may go end-less. These MY-s creates invisible borders around us and possibly distorting our perception of Reality. It is not necessary for a calamity to occur and differences forgotten, though momentarily.

  One aspect of spirituality, according to me, is to help us keep mentally pushing these borders and include more and more inside of MY domains. This would help us in removing the distortions and see things as they are. Is there an end to this process?, I do not know. Can spiritual progress be measured?, again I do not know. Possibly after conscious effort in pushing the borders, a day might come where no conscious effort is required and the borders get pulled from other direction. This may signify that a milestone has been achieved in spiritual life!!!.   

Cheers jAM
Title: Re: Expanding Self, Push the Borders
Post by: Arietus on May 04, 2015, 11:38:56 PM
100% agreed.

Selfishness is passed on through genes for generations, it is not easy to accept altruism at all levels of life and I do not expect it to happen for the entire society with the existing scarcity of resources.
Title: Re: Expanding Self, Push the Borders
Post by: A.Mithiran on May 06, 2015, 06:43:03 PM
@Arietus, thank you and appreciate your comments.

Cheers jAM