Author Topic: Uranus Transit in Aries - Jun 2016  (Read 15394 times)


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Uranus Transit in Aries - Jun 2016
« on: June 22, 2016, 01:57:51 PM »

Uranus in Aries sign Jun 2016

Uranus enters Fiery and Energetic Aries sign on 23rd Jun 2016 as per KP ayanamsa.

Uranus is a planet of Deviation, Innovation, Dissent, Defection, Higher Intuition & Perverse Inspiration.

Uranus transits in Aries sign for a minimum period of 7 years and brings out global as well as individual changes.
As the transit is onto a fiery Aries sign from watery Pisces sign, changes blown are of completely different nature.

Transit Uranus on Aries sign results in out of box thinking, radical innovations. This results in changes and unexpected experiences. This combination points to crucial changes in areas like nuclear energy, defense, military, terrorism, medical fields involving innovations and treatments related to radiotherapy.

To identify results and related areas of life at individual level, one can check where Aries cusp falls in one’s natal chart.

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Re: Uranus Transit in Aries - Jun 2016
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2016, 09:34:36 AM »
@Areitus sir wil this transit help. really having a very difficult period pls guide me sir
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